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So the question is not, exactly, “Why change the books?” Because the answer is clear: Many, many details must be changed, just to make the transition from book series to televised series work. The question is, instead: “Why change this?” Why make a scene from the book that depicts consensual sex into one in the show that depicts rape?

Rape of Thrones · For Our Consideration · The A.V. Club

Thank god for the A.V. Club, the only media outlet that has outright called bullshit on this so far.

And another really important quote:

Rape is a tricky thing to use as character development, for either the victim or the rapist; doing it twice raises a lot of red flags. It assumes that rape between characters doesn’t fundamentally change the rest of their story—and it assumes that the difference between consent and rape is, to use the parlance, a “blurred line.”

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Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel [Feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price] [1999] [Prod. By Soulshock & Karlin]

Now I see that you been doing wrong 
You played me all along. 
And made a fool of me, baby 
You got it all wrong to think that I wouldn’t find out 
That you were cheating on me. 
How could you do it to me?



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I’m worried about Cosima’s health. I’m worried about Cosima’s heart. I’m worried about Cosmia’s education, since she just up and left school. I’m worried about Cosima’s damn coat.

I’m stressed the fuck out over Cosima.

Meanwhile, Cosima is smoking a joint and telling everyone to chill.